Global Talent Competitive Index
Global Talent Competitive Index

Global Talent Competitive Index

Recently, the Global Talent Competitive Index-2020 has been released by INSEAD Business School in collaboration with Google (Google) and Adecco Group.

Global Talent Competitive Index 2020

  • The theme of the Global Talent Competition Index for the year 2020 is ‘Global Talent in the Age of Artificial Intelligence‘.
  • 13 European countries are among the 20 countries topping the Global Talent Competitiveness Index – 2020. This index reflects the talent dominance of European countries in the competition.
  • The index has been released based on a ranking of 132 countries.
  • India’s position in the index:
  • India is ranked 72nd in this index with a score of 40.42. It is noteworthy that India was ranked 80 in this index released in the year 2019.
  • There is a need to improve internally with respect to increasing intolerance towards minorities and women in India.

India’s position in BRICS countries:

  • If India’s location is compared to BRICS countries, then the following three countries have outperformed India.
  • China – 42nd place
  • Russia – 48th place
  • South Africa – 70th place
  • At the same time, India has performed better than Brazil (80th place).

global talent competitiveness index upsc:

  • The top 5 ranked countries in this index are Switzerland, USA, Singapore, Sweden and Denmark respectively.
  • The top 25 countries in this index belong to the high income group, of which 17 are European countries.
  • Yemen ranks last in this index
  • The gap of talent competition between almost all high-income countries and the rest of the world is increasing.

Approach to Artificial Intelligence:

  • Regarding artificial intelligence, differences can be seen between different countries and regions of the world.
  • To achieve good results by artificial intelligence, an active cooperative approach must be developed.
  • Artificial intelligence talent should be distributed equally across industries, regions and nations.
  • More than half of the population of developing countries is still deprived of basic digital skills related to artificial intelligence and the gap in digital skills competency has increased between different countries.
  • Some developing countries are making significant progress in the field of artificial intelligence but still many developing countries are quite backward in this area.
  • Policies and programs have to be devised to reduce the negative effects related to artificial intelligence and to ensure access to artificial intelligence techniques.

global talent competitiveness index 200 is released by,:

  • The Global Talent Competition Index is released by the INSEAD Business School from November 2013.
  • The main scales of measurement of this index are the inclusion of talent development and management as a central priority, openness to entrepreneurial talent, open socio-economic policies as well as strong and vibrant ecosystem for innovation.