PM Modi shared thoughts with countrymen in 'Mann Ki Baat'

Mann Ki Baat
Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared his views with the countrymen in the 61st edition of Mann Ki Baat. Here is the text of the Prime Minister’s statement:

  • Hello my dear countrymen. Today is 26 January. Many many best wishes of Republic festival. This is the first meeting of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of 2020. This is also the first program of this year, this is also the first program of this decade. Friends, this time due to the ‘Republic Day’ celebrations, it was appropriate for you to change ‘Mann Ki Baat’, its time. And that’s why, by setting a different time, I am talking to you today. Friends, days change, weeks change, months also change, years change, but the enthusiasm of the people of India and we are nothing less, we too will do something. ‘Can do’, the expression of ‘Can do’, is emerging as a determination. The feeling of passing on something for the country and society, every day, becomes stronger than before. Friends, on the stage of ‘Mann Ki Baat’, we all have gathered once again. To discuss new topics and to celebrate the new achievements of the countrymen, to celebrate India. ‘Mann Ki Baat’ – has become a good and smooth platform of sharing, learning and growing together. Every month thousands of people share their suggestions, efforts, experiences. Among them, we get an opportunity to discuss some such things, inspiring the extraordinary efforts of the society.
  • ‘Someone has shown it’ – can we do it too? Can repeating that experiment across the country bring about a big change? Can we make that change permanent by developing it as a natural habit of society? In search of answers to some such questions, every month in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, there is a series of resolutions to show some appeal, some call, some. We have taken many small resolutions in the last several years. Like – ‘No to single use plastic’, ‘Khadi’ and ‘buying local’, it is a matter of cleanliness, respect of daughters and pride, this new aspect of less cash economy – it should be emphasized. A lot of such resolutions have been born from these light-hearted words of ours. And, you have also given him strength.

I have received a very lovely letter. Of Mr. Shailesh of Bihar. By the way, he does not live in Bihar right now. He has told that he works in an NGO living in Delhi. Mr. Shailesh ji writes – “Modi ji, you make some appeal in every ‘Mann ki Baat’. I have done many of them. This winter I have gathered clothes from people’s houses and distributed it to the needy. I have From ‘Mann Ki Baat’, I started doing many things. But, then gradually I forgot something and I missed some things! I have made a charter on this new year, a ‘Mann Ki Baat’, in which, All these things make a list Lee. People like, make new year resolutions on the new year. Modi ji, this is the social resolution of my new year. I think it is all small things, but, can bring big change. Can you make this charter? But give me your autograph and send it back to me? ” Shailesh ji – many greetings and best wishes to you. ‘Mann Ki Baat Charter’ for your new year resolution, it is very innovative. I will send it back to you by writing best wishes on my behalf. Friends, when I was reading this ‘Mann Ki Baat Charter’, I was also surprised that there were so many things! There are so many hash-tags! And, we all have made a lot of efforts together. We once campaigned to connect emotionally and strongly with our soldiers with ‘Message-to-Soldiers’, taking Khadi sales to a new level with ‘Khadi for Nation – Khadi for Fashion’. Followed the mantra of ‘buy local’. We raised fitness awareness with ‘Hum Fit To India Fit’. The efforts of ‘My Clean India’ or ‘Statue Cleaning’ made cleanliness a mass movement. Hash-Tag No Two Drugs (#NoToDrugs,), Hash-Tag India’s Lakshmi (#BharatKiLakshami), Hash-Tag SelfForSociety (# Self4Society), Hash-Tag StressFreeExam (#StressFreeExams), Hash-Tag Security Bandhan (#SurakshaBhan) , Hash-Tag Digital Economy (#DigitalEconomy), Hash-Tag Road Safety (#RoadSafety), O Ho Ho! there are so many.

Shailesh ji, seeing this charter of your mind, I realized that this list is very long. Come, continue this journey. In this ‘Mann Ki Baat Charter’, join any cause of your interest. Proudly share your contribution with everyone, using hash-tag. Motivate friends, family, and everyone. When every Indian goes one step, then our India takes 130 crore steps forward. That’s why Charaiveti-Charaiveti-Charaiveti, keep moving, keep walking, keep on chanting, keep making your efforts.

  • My dear countrymen, we talked about ‘Mann Ki Baat Charter’. After cleanliness, the sense of public participation, participative spirit, is increasing rapidly in another area today and that is ‘water conservation’. Many comprehensive and innovative efforts for ‘water conservation’ are going on in every corner of the country.
  • I am very happy to say that this ‘Jal-Shakti Abhiyan’ started during the last monsoon is moving towards greater success with public participation. A large number of ponds, puddles etc. were constructed. The biggest thing is that in this campaign, people from every section of society contributed. Now, take a look at Jhalore district of Rajasthan – here, two historic stepwells had become a storehouse of garbage and dirty water. Then what was there ! Hundreds of people of Bhadrayun and Thanwala panchayats took the initiative to revive them under the ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan’. Even before the rain, they started to clean the dirty water, garbage and mud in these steps. For this campaign, some donated shramdaan and some donated money. And, the result of this is that these steps have become the lifeline of the place. There is a similar story of Barabanki in Uttar Pradesh. Here, the Sarahi lake spread over 43 Hectare area was counting its last breath, but the villagers, with their resolve power, added new life to it. He did not let any shortcoming come in the way of such a big mission. One by one, many villages went on connecting. He built a meter high embankment around the lake. Now the lake is full of water and the surrounding environment is buzzing with the tweet of birds.
  • A similar example of public participation has also come from the ‘Suniakot village’ adjacent to the Almora-Haldwani highway in Uttarakhand. The villagers themselves resolved to bring water to the village itself to deal with the water crisis. What was it then! People gathered money among themselves, a plan was made, shramdaan was done and a pipe was laid from the village about a kilometer away. A pumping station was installed and then the two-decade-old problem was eradicated forever. At the same time, a very innovative idea has emerged from Tamil Nadu to make borewells a means of rainwater harvesting. Connected to ‘water conservation’ across the country. There are innumerable stories that are pushing the resolutions of New India. Today, the whole nation is eager to hear the stories of our Jalashakti Champions. I request you to do your own work on water harvesting and water conservation. Please share the stories, photo and video # jalshakti4India of the efforts going on or around you.
  • My dear countrymen and especially my young colleagues, today, through ‘Mann Ki Baat’, I congratulate the Government of Assam and the people of Assam for the great hosting of ‘Khelo India’. Friends, on 22 January The third ‘Khelo India Games’ has concluded in Guwahati. Around 6 thousand players from different states participated in it. You will be surprised to know that 80 records were broken and broken inside this festival of sports. I am proud that our daughters have done the breaking of 56 records. This accomplishment has been done in the name of daughters. I along with all the winners, congratulate all the participants who participated in it as well as ‘Khelo India Games’. I express my gratitude to all the people, trainers and technical officers associated with it for the successful organization of the event. It is very enjoyable for all of us that the players participate in ‘Khelo India Games’ year after year. It is increasing. It tells how much the inclination towards sports is increasing among the children at school level. I want to tell you that in 2018, when ‘Khelo India Games’ was started, then thirty-five hundred players in it Had participated, but in just three years, the number of players has gone up to more than 6 thousand, that is, almost doubled. Not only that, in just three years, through ‘Khelo India Games’, thirty-two hundred talented people survived. Che has come out. There are many of these children who grew up in the midst of lack and poverty. There are stories of patience and determination of children and their parents who participate in ‘Khelo India Games’ Will inspire Hindustani. Now take the full moon mandal of Guwahati, he himself is a sanitation worker in the Guwahati Municipal Corporation, but where his daughter Malvika showed her strength in football, her In the son Sujit lost-lost, then other son Pradeep represented Assam in hockey I
  • The story of Yogananthan of Tamil Nadu is such a proud story. He himself does the work of making beedis in Tamil Nadu, but his daughter Purnashree won everyone’s heart by winning the Gold Medal of Weight Lifting. When I name David Beckham, you will say the famous International Footballer. But now he also has a David Beckham, and has won a gold medal at the Youth Games in Guwahati. That too at the 200-meter Sprint Event of the cycling event, when I went to Andaman-Nicobar, Car-David’s head of Nicobar Island was raised as a parent by childhood. The uncle wanted to make him a footballer, then named him after the famous footballer. But his mind was rooted in cycling. They were also selected under the ‘Khelo India’ scheme and today see that they have created a new record in cycling.
  • My dear countrymen, in Assam, which has successfully organized such a big ‘Khelo-India’ Games, another big task has been done. You must have also seen in the news that just a few days ago in Assam, 644 people of eight different militant groups surrendered with their weapons. Those who had earlier gone on the path of violence have expressed their faith, in peace and have decided to become partners in the development of the country, have returned to the mainstream. Last year, more than 80 people in Tripura have left the path of violence and returned to the mainstream. Those who took up arms thinking that problems can be solved by violence, their belief has been strengthened that peace and solidarity is the only way to resolve any dispute. The people of the country would be very happy to know that insurgency in the North-East has reduced by a lot and the biggest reason is that every issue related to this area is being resolved peacefully, honestly, by discussing it . In any corner of the country, I appeal to the people who are still looking for solutions to the problems on the strength of violence and weapons, on the holy occasion of Republic Day, that they should return. In resolving the issues in a peaceful manner, trust in yourself and the capabilities of this country. We are in the twenty-first century, which is the era of knowledge science and public system. Have you heard of any place where life has been improved by violence? Have you heard of any place where peace and harmony become troubles for life? Violence does not solve any problem. Any problem of the world can be solved by not creating any other problem, but only by finding maximum solutions. Come, let us all join together in building a new India where peace is the basis of the answer to every question. In solidarity, try to solve every problem. And, brotherhood should thwart every partition and division effort.
  • My dear countrymen, today on the occasion of Republic Day, it is a great pleasure to tell me about ‘Gaganyaan’. The country has gone one more step in that direction. In 2022, 75 years of our independence are nearing completion. And on that occasion we have to prove our resolve to take an Indian to space with ‘Gaganyaan Mission’. The ‘Gaganyaan Mission’ will be a historic achievement of India in the field of science & technology in the 21st century. For the new India, it will prove to be a ‘milestone’.
  • Friends, you will know that in this mission, 4 candidates have been selected for astronaut i.e. astronaut. All four are Indian Air Force pilots. These promising youth symbolize India’s skills, talent, abilities, courage and dreams. All four of our friends are going to Russia for training in the next few days. I am confident that this will become another golden chapter of friendship and cooperation between India and Russia. They will be trained for more than one year. After this, it will be up to any one of these to take the flight of hopes and aspirations of the country to space. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Republic Day, I congratulate these four youths and the scientists and engineers of India and Russia associated with this mission.
  • My dear countrymen, last March, a video was the subject of discussion on Media and Social Media. The discussion was how an elderly mother of one hundred and seven years (107) broke the protocol at Rashtrapati Bhavan and blessed the President. This woman was Salumarda Thimkka, who is famous as ‘Vriksha Mata’ in Karnataka. And that was the ceremony of Padma awards. Coming from a very simple background, the country had known, understood and respected the extraordinary contribution of Thimakka. He was getting Padma Shri.
  • Friends, today India feels proud about these great personalities. He feels proud by honoring the people associated with the land. Like every year, the Padma Awards have been announced tomorrow evening. I request that you all read about these people. Discuss their contribution, in the family. For the 2020 Padma Awards, more than 46 thousand nominations have been received this year. This number is more than 20 times that of 2014. These figures reflect the belief of the people that the Padma Award has now become the People’s Award. Today, the entire process of Padma Awards is online. The decisions that used to be among limited people earlier, today are completely people-driven. In a way, a new trust and respect has been born in the country regarding the Padma Awards. Now, among those who get the honor, there are many people who have risen from the ground after finishing their hard work. They have progressed by breaking down the constraints of limited resources and the overwhelming despair around them. In fact, his strong will, spirit of service and selfless spirit inspire us all. I once again congratulate all the Padma Award winners. And special urge to all of you to read about them, to gather more information. Extraordinary stories of his life will truly inspire the society.
  • My dear countrymen, once again many greetings of Republic Day. This whole decade, in your life, in India’s life, be made with new resolutions, become a new accomplishment. And what the world expects from India, the ability to fulfill those expectations, be achieved by India. With this one belief, let us start the new decade. With new pledges, they gather for Mother Bharati. Too much